A veteran-owned business serving the community in Northeastern Pennsylvania.  We began our inspection business over ten years ago and are proud to be part of our community.  We are your neighbor and happy to serve you as a integral part of our community.  

We believe in getting what we pay for so we ensure you receive the very best.  We do not believe in gouging the consumer--we don't like to be over-charged so we won't do it to you.  We provide the best home inspection service for half the price.  We have you in mind so let us serve you.

Why us? WE HAVE YOUR INTERESTS IN MIND.  Greg is a professional--grew up in the building industry from a very young age working for his father and remained in the industry throughout his military career. Yes, a retired active duty United States Air Force Lieutenant Colonel; U-2 pilot and combat aviator--rest assured professionalism remains in his blood especially after his 26-year military career. Greg is a trained and certified inspector and thermographer.  He had a long and distinguished career as an Air Force officer and even during his tenure in the military, Greg has been inspecting homes.  Greg knows infrared and the key is the image analysis.  Maintaining a certification with continuing annual education in the trade, Greg has remained at the tip of the spear.  His building experience provides the inspection expertise; his education ensures accuracy, and his military experience allows him to present it in a professional manner.  We ARE your #1 inspection choice for a properly performed, documented and presented inspection.

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